Meet the Team

The Members at Myer’s Furniture are problem solvers, always willing to spend time with you to help answer

your most challenging design questions and find the right option to meet your needs!  Creating special touches for unusual situations is our specialty. We enjoy finding creative solutions to problems that many of our customers have been told, cannot be done!  Our team members strive to maintain a very high degree of product knowledge to the extent that they have been called upon by our manufacturers to help solve specific product problems.
Our Team

John Diffenderfer manages the Case Goods Department here at Myer’s Furniture, which includes the dining room, bedroom, occasional, bedding, lamps and accessories you’ll find at Myer’s Furniture. With the team since 1997, John is fantastic at coordinating a look using multiple manufacturers. With an eye for trends and styles, Myer’s Furniture relies on John to stay on top of what is new in furniture, and encourages him to coordinate the store displays. You will find John to be extremely helpful and he will give you plenty of space to look, confer, and decide!

Don Zeigler has over twenty years of experience with La-Z-Boy furniture products and has been here at Myer’s Furniture as our Upholstered Furniture Manager since 1997. He is an excellent troubleshooter for all motion mechanics in your La-Z-Boy furniture. And with his keen eye for detail, coordinates our in-store inventory and customer special orders of upholstered items. Before any piece leaves our store for delivery to your home, he inspects it or quality assurance. You can rest assured that what you pick in store or what you special order will be delivered correctly with Don’s guidance.

Gavin Myer has provided delivery and installation of flooring and window treatments since 2003 at Myer’s Furniture. You can expect custom workmanship from Gavin, with a flair for providing a finished product that anyone would be proud to have in their home. His commitment to providing you with the best installation service in the area and his artistic approach makes Gavin a great asset at Myer’s Furniture.

Daryl Myer, as owner and president of Myer’s Furniture, is truly knowledgeable in all areas of the business. As the second-generation owner of Myer’s Furniture, he has spent most of his life in the industry, growing up in the business and watching the changes over the past forty years. With a respected knowledge of all the product categories carried here at Myer’s, such as furniture, flooring, window treatments, and especially Surdiac Stoves, Daryl prides himself on running a very fine furniture store in Lancaster County, not only for the home owner, but the business owner as well. It is not unusual to see him upholstering a custom piece for a customer or helping Gavin with an installation. He is hands-on and very available to share his wealth of knowledge to help you make the right choices for your home or business.