Customer Testimonials

At Myer’s Furniture Store of Lancaster County PA, happy customer referrals are our best source of new customers.

Following are a just a few of the many compliments our customers have shared with us!

On Salespersons and Atmosphere

“I liked being able to look around without being followed by a salesperson.  It was nice to know
how helpful the staff was when I had questions.”

“The salespeople were friendly and informative.  They showed interest, yet allowed for private time to discuss a purchase with my spouse.”

“Salespeople were helpful when I asked for assistance, but left me browse without pestering.”

“Very nice, friendly and helpful in answering questions.  Salespeople did not “hover” or follow us around while looking.”

On Selection

“We were impressed by the number of recliners you had available (in stock).  Most other stores we looked at would require us to order the recliner – we got it much faster because Myer’s had it in stock…. We were very impressed with our experience there and will be back in the future.”

“We found pieces that went perfectly in our living room.  There was also a good financing option.”

“I came with my mother to affirm her choice and found what I had been looking for for 3 years in style, size, and color that pleased my husband and sons… I always thought Myer’s was high-priced, [but] I found out differently; it’s very affordable!”

On Prices

“The pricing is fair, they want to truly serve the customer, they care enough to have quality furniture and high standards.”

“Years ago I was bargain hunting and in the end I was unhappy, then I went to Myer’s and I’m still completely satisfied.”